Experimenting with RUST as a mordant.

Experimenting with natural dyes using rust( iron oxide) to colour the cloth. Rusty nails create a pattern, leaving them in the cloth I added decorative stitches.
Dying the cloth with a rusty chain then sewing pockets incasing magnets which have other magnets, rusting nails, flakes of rust and pins stuck to them.
Detail of an embellished piece of denim & calico using a barbed wire motif.
Embellished bleached denim and calico dyed using rust.
Embellished, bleach denim & calico dyed with rust, hand machine embroidery.
Slashed & stitched embellished surface, backed with copper mesh, framed using rusty barbed wire.
Felt backed with a hessian sack embellished with machine and hand embroidery.